Classroom Residences are an opportunity for collaboration between certified Poet Facilitators and classroom teachers. Poet Facilitators develop workshops tailored to fit the teacher's curriculum, the student culture and the classroom environment. We provide three residency options for intermediate and high schools. Class time is spent engaging students in critical conversations, creative writing and spoken arts.

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School Wide Assembly
3 Classroom Visits




School Wide Assembly
After School Workshop (10 Weeks)
Oceanic Scholastic Poets Society Membership
Student Presentation
5 Classroom Visits


School Wide Assembly
After School Workshops (10 Weeks)
Oceanic Scholastic Poets Society Membership
Participation in the Interscholastic Poetry Slam
Student Presentation
10 Classroom Visits

Poetry Presentations

A Spoken Word Poetry Presentation is an excellent way to engage large audiences with the power of voice. Our in-school and in-community Spoken Word Poetry Presentations focus primarily on sparking student interest in poetry and spoken word. Poetry performed live often has a more profound impact on young people than page poetry, and even the most reluctant students become intrigued by its energy and aesthetic.

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Self selecting students who participate in our After School Spoken Arts Workshops explore personal narratives, civic issues and creative writing. A certified Poet Facilitator guides workshop participants on an inspirational journey through writing and performance. Students develop their voice, engage in collaborative writing and sharpen critical thinking skills in a safe learning environment. By breaking gender, age, economic, ethnic and religious boundaries, our workshops promote diversity. After School Spoken Arts Workshops can take place in a school classroom or in a room at a community center. Because writing is a living art, our workshops adapt to different settings. These workshops have taken place in libraries, cafeterias and outdoors; however, they are most effective in a room with tables, chairs and a whiteboard. 

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